A fresh take on haute couture

Fleur Mystere blends the grandeur of haute couture with the playfulness of a child’s imagination. Our chief creator, Aparna Velagapudi, endeavors to ensure girls look majestic during memorable occasions, like the little princess they all are! Her original dresses, crafted to look regal while still allowing girls to be comfortable in and live their fantasies, garnered good enthusiasm and were loved by children and their parents alike. She built on this and launched Fleur Mystere, a fashion house that creates grandiose dresses that your child will look forward to wearing

Fantasy to reality

Fleur Mystere’s process starts with our creative designers collaborating to make fantasies come alive. The designers put these ideas into sketches, and pick the most inspirational ones. Our expert craftsmen spend hundreds of hours in our elaborate ateliers, on the most luxurious fabrics, meticulously constructing each dress by hand, embroidering with extreme detail, and creating intricate artwork. Tailored to your unique measurements, each piece is handmade with precision to guarantee a comfortable fit.

We pride ourselves on the attention to detail put into every design. The result? A luxury couture that every child deserves. And not only will your child have a dress that transports them between fantasy and reality, but you will also end up with a forever memory.